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Why Shot Blast?

Shot Blasting is an efficient and dust free method of removing coatings and preparing surfaces. The machines used are either 415v 3-phase or 110v powered and come in various sizes dependent on the project requirements. In this technique small balls of ‘shot’ are thrown at high speed at the surface removing some of the top layer of material and leaving a textured finish.

The shot blasting machines use a captivated system and utilizes dust collection and vacuum technology so that no dust or surface contamination becomes airborne. All debris are captured within the vacuum unit attached to the blaster, leaving the operation clean and dust free. Shot blasting is an ideal method for cleaning, stripping and preparing the surface of floors.

Sectors Shot Blasting is commonly used in:

  • Retail Units
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Multi-Storey Car Parks
  • Bridge and Ship Decks
  • Engineering Workshops
  • Warehouses and Distribution
  • Distribution Centres

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