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Thin Bond Concrete Patch/Maxi-Crete Repair

For Facilities and Companies, concrete hard standings, roads, car parks, workshops, storage areas and any other concrete surfaces are essential assets that are relied upon. But these assets are not immune to the damaging effects that wear and tear can cause. Cracks, potholes and failed joints can quickly develop into serious hazards that compromise safety and efficiency. If these are left unaddressed, these issues can even lead to complete surface failure, potentially requiring expensive full-depth repairs or total bay replacement.

Our Thin Bond Concrete Patch/Maxi-Crete Repair repair specialists, using Max-Crete repair system, offer a robust solution, utilising a flexible, polymer based material to repair most types of defects in concrete surfaces. Castle and Pryor have decades of experience and expertise ensuring that our solutions are always tailored to the unique needs of our client.

About Maxi-Crete Repair Solutions

Max-Crete is a hot applied, flexible material designed to repair most types of defects in a concrete surface. It has a unique blend of resins, polymers and selected aggregates that extends and compresses with the expansion and contraction of the concrete surface. It is a fast, cost effective and highly flexible treatment that reduces the need for full depth repairs and areas can be returned to service in as little as 60 mins.

Used extensively in the UK and Internationally at Airports, Highways, Ports, MOD Facilities and Establishments, Distribution Centres and Car Parks.

Using our Maxi-Crete Concrete Repair Service has the following advantages –

  • Flexible repair that expands and contracts with the natural movement of the slab
  • Quick return to service within 60 mins
  • Long lasting high friction surface
  • Impervious to water or moisture
  • BBA HAPAS approved for use on Highways
  • Colour matches concrete slab
  • Load Bearing and High Performance

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Our decades of professional service

Castle & Pryor brings 30 years of experience to each project we undertake, with proven expertise in diamond drilling, concrete sawing, AGL installation, joint sealing, and concrete slab repairs. We strive to offer an unbeatable service for each client:

  • Reputation and experience: We have a proven track record of delivering quality concrete repair services, and have worked with clients such as Morgan Sindall, Volker Fitzpatrick and John Sisk and Son.
  • Quality and precision: Our experienced professionals are committed to delivering high standards of quality and precision, ensuring long-lasting and effective repairs.
  • Responsiveness: We understand the importance of minimising disruptions to operations and responding quickly to urgent repair needs.
  • Fair upfront pricing: We offer competitive pricing and cost-saving potential, with upfront quotes available on all work.
  • Fully compliant: We prioritise safety and environmental compliance in all our services, adhering to UK regulations and guidelines.

We are proud to be members of the Extruded Sealant Association, Drilling & Sawing Association, and Construction Fixings Association, alongside being CHAS Certified, and Platinum Construction Line Accredited. Our team is composed of experienced NVQ 2 Certified Operatives and SSSTS & SMSTS Accredited Supervisors & Managers, who are committed to delivering the best possible services to our clients.


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