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What is Diamond Drilling?

Diamond drilling is a non-percussive action that will cut non or reinforced concrete with minimal vibration and noise. It generally requires water to lubricate the diamond cutting segments as this acts as a cooling agent whilst works are in progress. The holes can be cut with extreme precision and can vary in size and depth depending on the clients requirement. All slurry generated from the works can be controlled and disposed of using vacuum rings and hoovers at source so that a controlled environment is maintained throughout the cutting process.

All holes can be formed vertically, horizontally or on the angle making the process very flexible to suit most challenging projects.

What is Diamond Drilling used for?

Diamond Drilling is recognised as a very practical and efficient way of forming holes in concrete with minimum disruption.

Practical typical uses for forming singular holes are, but not limited to, pipes and cables for mechanical engineers or civil contractors for bollards and barriers.

Should the requirement be for an opening then the holes can be linked together to form a continuous line, this is known as stitch drilling which is generally carried out using 107/127mm diameter cutting heads as they are the optimum size for commercial viability and speed when using this type of method.

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