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Percussive Rock Drilling For Airfields

Traditional methods for percussive drilling into concrete can be slow, expensive, labour intensive and expose employees to high levels of vibration and dust. Our percussive rock drilling services offer a fast, precise, dust-free and cost-effective solution for airfields across the UK, with no vibrations or HAVS risk. Operating a fleet of automated percussion rigs comprising Slab Riders, On Grade, and Machine Mounted options, Castle & Pryor has the equipment and training needed to complete your job quickly and safely. We have 3 decades of experience across the UK, including complex drilling, cutting, and demolition work in the aviation sector. Contact Castle & Pryor today for a no-obligation estimate for your professional drilling needs.

How our Percussive Rock Drilling services are used on airfields

Percussive rock drilling is a technique that involves the use of specialised equipment to form cost-effective holes into concrete slabs and walls. We offer a range of drilling services for the aviation industry, including dowel bar drilling, induction line drilling, anchor hole drilling, and drilling holes to facilitate bursting operations.

Our selection of horizontal, vertical, and machine-mounted drilling rigs, ensures that we can tackle any job, quickly drilling holes between 16mm and 55mm in diameter. Safety is a crucial priority for our team, and percussive rock drilling is an automated hands-free system, with no dust or HAVS risk.

There is a range of uses for percussive rock drilling on or around airfields:

  • Drilling holes to accept dowel or starter bars
  • Creating holes to accept fixings for safety barriers, signs, and temporary fencing
  • Induction line drilling for breakout areas
  • Drilling holes to accept busting techniques, allowing for quicker breakout

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What sets us apart

Castle & Pryor is a trusted name in the aviation industry, known for our expertise and commitment to customer service. Our percussive rock drilling services offer a fast, precise, and cost-effective solution, helping you to save time and money on your airfield projects. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Castle & Pryor for your drilling needs:

  • Strong UK reputation: With over 30 years of experience across the UK, Castle & Pryor has earned a reputation as a reliable and professional partner for airfield projects.
  • No HAV or Dust issues: Our range of rock drilling equipment is fully automated and comes with dust control measures, alleviating operatives’ exposure to HAV and dust.
  • Meeting your timescale: We understand that time is critical in airfield projects, and we are available 24/7 to help minimise disruption and meet your tight deadlines.
  • Cost-effective: Our percussive drilling services offer a cost-effective solution, with upfront quotes for work.
  • Fully compliant: We prioritise safety and environmental compliance, adhering to UK regulations and guidelines to ensure that our services are safe and sustainable.
  • Accreditations and certifications: We are CHAS Certified, Construction Line Accredited, and members of the Drilling and Sawing Association, Extruded Sealant Association, and Construction Fixings Association. Our team consists of NVQ 2 Certified Operatives, SSSTS & SMSTS Accredited Supervisors & Managers, and we offer full Quality Assurance on all work.

Our expert case studies

At Gatwick Airport, Castle & Pryor used a rock drill mast connected to a Brokk 170 remote-controlled demolition robot to remove a concrete foundation adjacent to an aircraft jetty. The project had a limited timeframe and required minimal disruption to airport operations while adhering to strict safety and security procedures.

The Brokk robot was operated remotely, eliminating hand and arm vibration issues, and a specially adapted ‘rock mast’ attachment was used to reduce vibrations on the air bridge. The concrete debris was removed and recycled quickly, and the project was completed on time and budget.

Read more here, or explore further case studies on our website.

Get an upfront price for your project

To ensure your airfield project is completed safely, accurately, and on time, contact Castle & Pryor today. Our range of percussive rock drilling services is hands-free, with no dust or HAVS risk. We’re available 24/7 to help minimise disruption, tailoring our services to suit your specific needs.

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