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It goes without saying, we enjoy saw cutting concrete – but it’s not the only service our skilled team offer. As well as forming expansion joints we can safely and securely seal them too, and this week we’ve been doing just that at London Heathrow.

So, what’s the seal?

Alongside our expert concrete cutting service, the Castle & Pryor team provide British Airport Authority (BAA) with specialist joint sealing and concrete / asphalt patch repair. Our high specification service is delivered by our team of qualified experts. Perfect for projects within the aviation industry, our sealant service is designed to work for even the highest impact areas, such as runways, aprons, and taxiways on external airfields.

Where we have sealed already?

So far our sealing has taken us all over the place, but most recently the Castle & Pryor team were seeing to some expansion joints on one of the concrete service roads at Britain’s busiest airport – London Heathrow.

Comprising of both expanding and contracting elements, these joints formed part of an access route to one of the airport’s busy aprons, where aircraft park whilst waiting to be topped up with cargo and fuel. This meant that not only did this job require a two-part sealant mix, but the sealant used would also need to meet BAA specification – meaning that it should be aviation fuel resistant and very flexible to cope with the stresses and strains of adverse weather-based expansion and contraction and the mega load of an Aircraft parked upon it.

Joint Sealing at Heathrow Airport
Joint Sealing at Heathrow Airport
Joint Sealing at Heathrow Airport
Joint Sealing at Heathrow Airport

From jet washing, grit blasting, corking and priming, to machine placing the sealant itself – our skilled operatives took care of the whole process resulting in safe deliver of sealing the joints.

Why seal with C&P?

We know that it isn’t just our sealant that needs to be flexible – that’s why we operate 24/7 working, meaning we’ll always have sealant specialists available at a time that suits you.

Need something sealed? Give us a shout today.