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Concrete Cutting creates new Wine Cellar – we have been over in Surrey, helping one household take their wine storage to the next level by making way for a fabulous circular cellar beneath their home. Cheers to that!

What have we been up to?

Yes, that’s right – for our latest project we’ve been helping make a rather special, swanky, state of the art storage space for one family’s finest vino. The C&P team have been over in Esher, putting their concrete cutting expertise to very good use, aiding the installation of a spiral wine cellar.

So, why was it tricky?

The house in question was very much already built, and had no existing cellar space. Therefore, in order to add this fabulous feature, we needed to cut directly down in to the reinforced concrete and expose the property’s subbase – allowing for the cellar’s construction. As with any project of this nature, thorough planning and accurate work were vital. On top of this, the house was a functioning family home, so our works also needed to be considerate of this.

Concrete Cutting creates new Wine Cellar
Concrete Cutting creates new Wine Cellar
Concrete Cutting creates new Wine Cellar

What did we do?

With the family home in mind we decided to cut a single circular opening, 2.5m in diameter, in the reinforced concrete floor. This we cut to the depth of 225mm using a circular diamond stitch drilling technique – allowing us to deliver the accuracy which the planning and cellar installation demanded, while minimising vibrations for the good of the client’s house and the structural integrity of the remaining concrete. With this tough obstacle out of the way, thanks to our team, the installation team could move in to finish the 3m deep excavation and final cellar fitting.

The end result looks glorious, and well worth raising a glass of grape to. If you’ve got a project that involves wine, or doesn’t, we’d love to help. Get in touch to discuss your plans!