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Diamond stitch drilling is when you link single holes together to form a linear line. The holes are normally lapped by a small margin in order to maximise on the length per hole ratio to form the given line.

This method is often used on large openings to accommodate the corners between the longer saw cuts and small openings where saw cutting is not practically viable to form the opening or where access prohibits the saw cutting equipment to be utilised.
Diamond stitch drilling can also be used to form slots which is useful when forming door heads and lintel bearings, or even needle holes to accommodate the installation of temporary support prior to forming openings within load bearing structure’s.

It’s a multifunctional technique that is quite, non-percussive and, precise a must have service application in the methodology of controlled demolition. Should you need to stop short of going all the way through the structure i.e. (drilling blind hole’s) then the rigs can be set to a given depth using the rigs inbuilt stop bars. This is a useful technique when working above live or sensitive areas as it ensures no water or foreign objects can fall into the area via the holes above.

Diamond stitch drilling can also be automated so one engineer can operate several drilling rigs at a time which obviously has commercial advantages in saving time and money.

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