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Diamond drilling on an angle, can it be done? The simple answer is yes. At Castle and Pryor we have rig masts that can be adjusted to suit the angle that is required.

Once set and fixed into position the diamond drilling operation can be carried out in the same manner as if it were a perpendicular hole.

The only difference would be the initial start-up where the drill head meets the surface of the substrate to be drilled as due to the angle it would not be perpendicular to the surface therefore the diamond segments on the drill head would not engage simultaneously on to the surface.

Due to this reason the diamond segments on the drill head only engage one at a time so care has to be taken not to apply to much pressure at this particular stage of the drilling process. Should too much pressure be applied then the drilling operator runs the risk of losing their hole alignment and getting jammed at a later stage as a consequence.

Like any good working practice it pays dividends to get the initial set up right. Therefore that would equate to a good secure fixing with the core aligned in the appropriate position. Once this has been done then the diamond drilling initiation can commence by easing the drill head into the substrate to establish a firm fixing, once achieved then pressure can be applied down into the drill to complete the hole as per the clients requirement.


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