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Surrey Diamond Drilling

Across Surrey, from corporate districts to urban areas, diamond drilling offers a range of valuable applications. From constructing service holes to concrete core sampling, it also offers clear benefits, with reduced vibration, minimal dust and decreased waste. This cleaner, more efficient process is a truly modern approach for construction, renovation, and demolition tasks.

Offering a full range of diamond drilling in Surrey, Castle and Pryor is a fantastic choice. Our team brings extensive experience and a dedication to precision to every project small and large, with the training and equipment needed to meet your needs. Contact Castle and Pryor for a competitive quote today. Get a quote from us.

The Versatility And Precision Of Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling distinguishes itself from traditional percussion methods across construction and renovation projects, offering unparalleled precision and efficiency. Diamond-tipped drills do not vibrate, allowing them to seamlessly penetrate through concrete, a crucial benefit in occupied buildings that also avoids cracking or damage. Thanks to our range of equipment including handheld drills, rig and trailer mounted drills, and inverted drills, a huge range of tasks can be completed across Surrey:

  • Forming holes for new services like electric power, water, or fibre, ranging from 8mm to those over a metre used in water treatment.
  • Creating access holes in walls or floors for service passage.
  • Stitch drilling to form unique shapes or drill through deep concrete where saws aren’t feasible.
  • Core sampling for testing concrete strength.
  • Drilling holes for accepting fixings in concrete, masonry, or stone, in order to install elements like handrails.
  • Location elements within walls or floors without causing damage.
  • Stitch drilling is also used to cut along demolition lines.

Where We Utilise Diamond Drilling In Surrey

Surrey’s diverse range of industries makes it a prime location to benefit from the precision and efficiency of diamond drilling. Here are just some of the industries we cater to:

  • Industrial Sites: Surrey is famed for its electronics manufacture, oil and gas sector, consumer goods production, and more. Diamond drilling is vital for both the construction and renovation of factories or facilities, allowing concrete floors to be tested, services to be routed, and clean, precise demolition.
  • Commercial or Residential Sites: Diamond drilling is used across building sites, and is a great way to make clean and quick adjustments to an existing one. As it is quiet and non-vibrating it can be safely used within interior environments.
  • Healthcare: Thanks to our clean and precise work, we can undertake projects across the healthcare industry in Surrey, whether that’s creating access holes or testing concrete.

What Sets Castle & Pryor Apart?

We offer a fantastic choice for a range of specialist construction and demolition jobs, including those involving diamond drilling. Our customers across Surry benefit from the following:

  • Upfront Quotes: We are able to offer no-obligation quotes for all work. For smaller drilling jobs we can often quote directly to you but for larger projects, a member of our team will visit your site in Surrey and make an assessment.
  • Prompt Work: Castle & Pryor performs 24/7 work, and also offers emergency drilling services. We aim to meet your targets, helping to keep your projects on track by consistently meeting schedules.
  • Clear Safety and Environmental Standards: Our team works to meet all environmental standards across each project, leaving sites clear and protected. Safety is also a constant priority, with our team keeping themselves, you, and your customers safe.
  • Decades of Experience: We have worked for over 30 years, gaining a great reputation with customers in Surrey and farther afield. We possess the training and equipment needed for a full range of diamond drilling work, tailoring our approach to meet the needs of your project alongside your location.
  • Accredited Across the UK: We hold accreditations from respected industry groups like CHAS and Platinum Constructionline, alongside memberships of Extruded Sealant Association, Drilling & Sawing Association, and Construction Fixings Association. We believe in underlining our stated commitments with these clear qualifications. Every member of our skilled team possesses an NVQ 2, and all supervisors and managers hold SSSTS and SMSTS accreditations.

Just One Of Our Successful Diamond Drilling Jobs

Just outside of Surrey at Heathrow’s Terminal 4, Castle & Pryor provided specialised double drill diamond coring to recess new LED lights. With expertise in custom airport drilling techniques, we formed precise holes to seat all lights accurately. By completing this specialised drilling efficiently and without delays, we facilitated an on-time, on-budget upgrade to energy-efficient lighting.

Book Expert Diamond Drilling In Surrey

Whether you need careful routing of services, controlled demolition, or concrete sampling, diamond drilling offers a swift, effective, and safe choice. When looking for diamond drilling in Surrey, our expert team are the clear choice. Simply contact us with your needs, and we’ll be able to offer you a cost-effective upfront quote for our work. Speak to us now.


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