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Diamond Drilling for Industrial Construction Companies

When working in the bustling industrial construction sector, you’ll need prompt, reliable, and cost-effective partners to stay on schedule. For specialist diamond drilling work, Castle & Pryor is the best choice across the UK. Whether you need precise holes for services, new access points, or effective stitch drilling, our team brings decades of experience to industrial sites like factories, airports, and docks.

Our certified experts use the latest technology and equipment to execute drilling work to the highest standards while integrating seamlessly into your timeline and site. If you require precise diamond drilling for your industrial construction project, contact our team for an upfront quote today.

Diamond Drilling For Industrial Construction Projects

Diamond drilling is a versatile technique used for both new builds and renovations across industrial environments like factories, warehouses, airports, docks, and more. Our industrial clients require diamond drilling for:

  • Forming holes to accept new utility services across industrial sites
  • Creating access holes through floors or walls to pass services through
  • Using a series of holes linked together to form irregular-shaped openings where saw cutting is unfeasible (stitch drilling)
  • Stitch drilling can also be used to help prepare demolition lines
  • Concrete core sampling across locations like runways and warehouses
  • Attaching fixtures like handrails into concrete
  • Precisely locating wall and floor elements to avoid burst zones from percussion drilling
  • Diamond drilling is a tried and tested technique, with clear benefits over traditional percussion drilling for many industrial construction jobs.

The Benefits Of Diamond Drilling

The diamond drilling technique offers numerous advantages for major industrial projects. It provides clean, precise holes through even the hardest concrete, with a non-vibrating process quickly cutting through the material with minimal disturbance. This technique is quick and adaptable, with drills maintaining high precision when it comes to location, final depth, and the path of the drill. We can use a variety of drills for smaller and larger holes, alongside drilling upside down, with clear processes in place to limit mess.

Thanks to its versatility, precision, speed, and cleanliness, diamond drilling is the optimum choice for a range of industrial needs.

Why Choose Castle & Pryor?

With over 30 years of experience, Castle & Pryor offers best-in-class diamond drilling services for construction projects across the UK.

  • Long-term experience: We have a proven track record of executing diamond drilling work safely, precisely, and efficiently. Over the last 3 decades, we are happy to have established many long-term relationships with clients around the UK.
  • Qualified Team: Our experienced team of NVQ Level 2 certified diamond drilling operators, led by SSSTS and SMSTS qualified supervisors are fully committed to quality workmanship and helpful customer service. We are members of the Drilling and Sawing Association, Extruded Sealant Association and Construction Fixings Association, boast CHAS and Platinum Constructionline accreditation, and we offer full quality assurance on all work.
  • Your industry and schedule: Castle & Pryor also stands out through our responsiveness and flexibility, building our plans around your diamond drilling needs and your specific industry. We can mobilise swiftly to meet tight project timelines and urgent needs, including 24/7 work and emergency jobs.
  • Upfront quotes: Our team offer cost-effective upfront quotes on all diamond drilling jobs, from single holes to multi-week projects.
  • Fully compliant: Safety and environmental compliance are top priorities for our team, with clear processes in place to ensure our work is responsible.
  • Our team is friendly, prompt, and reliable, working jobs large and small across industrial construction projects.

Working With Our Team

Every Castle & Pryor project starts with a phone consultation to assess your needs. For straightforward jobs, we can provide an instant quote over the phone, with more complex projects usually requiring a site visit before quoting. Either way, you’ll receive a cost-effective upfront price for work, with no hidden fees.

Get An Upfront Quote For Diamond Drilling Today

Whether you need service holes formed within a new build factory, or careful stitch drilling as part of an industrial demolition task, our team offer the ideal solution, tailoring their service to fit your exact building and schedule.

Contact our team today for an upfront quote on any diamond drilling job, big or small.

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