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Civil Engineering Firms

Diamond drilling is a crucial tool within civil engineering projects, used for the construction, repair, and maintenance of public works like motorways, bridges, and transit systems. In order to ensure the consistent accuracy and prompt work your projects need, a reliable partner like Castle & Pryor is crucial.

We offer expert diamond drilling across the UK, creating service holes, access holes, performing stitch drilling, and more. Our experienced team will assess your unique needs and site conditions, before tailoring a clean, safe drilling solution that fits your timeline.

Whether you require a single utility hole or large-scale AGL installation within a runway, Castle & Pryor will handle the challenge efficiently, with a cost-effective upfront quote. For any diamond drilling tasks across a civil engineering project, speak to our expert team.

Expert Diamond Drilling For Airports, Roads, Bridges And More

We’ve performed diamond drilling for civil engineering clients across the UK including airports, motorways, railways, and docks. Across these infrastructure projects, diamond drilling is vital for:

  • Forming holes to accept new utility services, from small openings to large treatment pipes
  • Creating access holes through floors and walls to route services
  • Stitch drilling to create irregular openings where sawing is unfeasible
  • Concrete core sampling to test strength
  • Affixing anchors and fixtures like handrails in concrete
  • Precisely locating wall and floor elements
  • Preparing demolition lines
  • For example, across airport projects, our diamond drilling is used to form holes for signs, barriers, fencing and more, to create openings through concrete to accept new services, and as part of our AGL installation work.

Diamond drilling is clean, quiet, and accurate, suited for a wide range of tasks. Our team will adapt their process to ensure the best results, with a selection of machinery including those intended for upside-down use.

Established in 1991, Years Of Professional Work

Castle & Pryor is a partner in diamond drilling, controlled demolition, concrete cutting and more for civil engineering companies across the UK. There are several key areas where we distinguish ourselves:

  • Decades of experience: We have over 30 years of experience across every region of the UK. We’ve handled complex projects across the aviation, rail, roads, and other public infrastructure areas, building great recurring relationships with clients.
  • Precision equipment: Our team uses advanced Hilti, Husqvarna and other high-end drilling rigs to deliver clean, safe, and precise results on every job. Diamond drilling offers fantastic accuracy, without overdrilling.
  • Adapted to your schedule: Our team offers 24/7 work including emergency jobs. This flexibility ensures we can help you stick to your critical project timelines.
  • Safe and compliant: Castle & Pryor maintains a complete commitment to safety and compliance via detailed risk assessments, and diligent on-site preparation and control. We utilise hands-off machinery when needed, with dust extraction keeping our workers, your team, and the public safe.
  • Our accredited team: Our extensive range of certifications and accreditations, including being Platinum Constructionline & CHAS members. Coupled with affiliations to the Drilling and Sawing Association, Extruded Sealant Association, and Construction Fixings Association, underscores our industry excellence. With NVQ 2 certified operatives overseen by SSSTS and SMSTS accredited supervisors and managers, we ensure top-tier quality across every project.

For efficient, accurate, and safe work tailored to your needs and industry, speak to a member of our team today.

Working With Castle & Pryor

Castle & Pryor can provide an instant quote for straightforward drilling work or complete a site visit to quote for more complex jobs. Our team can then organise around your schedule, completing emergency work 24/7 when infrastructure issues arise.

Whether adjusting to an emergency or working within your planned timelines, we’ll help keep your infrastructure development and maintenance on track.

Get An Upfront Quote For Your Project

Whether you’re working on an airport, motorway, railway, or any other infrastructure project, our expert team are here for all diamond drilling needs. For precise access holes, utility openings, stitch drilling, and any other diamond drilling applications, contact Castle & Pryor today for a transparent quote.

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