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With record-breaking temperatures of nearly 40℃ sweeping the UK, where were Castle & Pryor on the hottest day of the year? They were on site with BES at Bio Products Laboratory in Elstree, carrying out essential maintenance and upgrades to the lab’s air conditioning system. Tight on time, space and with very specific H&S procedures to adhere to – the team was feeling the heat!

What needed to be done?

Bio Products Laboratory (BPL) manufactures high-quality blood plasma-derived products for patients and healthcare providers around the world. But carrying out renovation work in this type of hyper-clean environment takes careful planning, so the lab closes for 2 weeks every year to allow improvements to be completed. This year, BPL needed to update their laboratory with new air conditioning units.

Why were C&P called in?

We’ve carried out clean-works in this laboratory before and were recommended to the main contractor, BES, to form the openings that would take the new ducting from the fans in the plant room into the laboratory below.

What were we up against?

We needed to cut through and remove 250mm Holorib tin decked slab – so water control and slab removal were tricky, to say the least. But there were also a host of other factors to think about:

Due to the nature of the work and the laboratory below, the job kicked off with a thorough site induction. We wore full suits in the clean area (picture) which was no laughing matter on the hottest day of the year! As you can imagine, we were instructed to stay well-hydrated at all times and had water coolers available 24/7 throughout both shifts.

How did we do it?

First of all, the main contractor (BES) set up a crash deck to ensure absolutely no dust or debris escaped into the lab below. The crash deck comprised of a double skin of scaffold boards with polythene in-between to make it watertight. Around that scaffold, they screened it floor-to-ceiling and blocked it off, forming a sealed unit between the work area and the laboratory.

Next, we marked out the area for removal into three sections. Each section was bolted to a steel bar then cut and carefully lifted out with a man at either side. Normally, we’d use a crane to lift the section out in one piece but we were limited by the confined space. The small sections also meant it was easy to trolly the debris down to the skip outside.

Photo 3: The first section has been removed, the second section has been lifted out via the steel bar and the final section is still in the slab.

Lab Photo 3

What equipment did we use?

The small work area called for the lightest and most flexible kit we had available, so the handsaw and power pack were ideal for the job.

What’s the end result for Bio Product Lab?

We were finished up by 11pm, ready for the next company to install the ducting at 7am the following morning. Talk about a tight turnaround!

After the new ducting and aircon units have been installed, the crash deck will be dismantled and the laboratory ceiling replaced. Once that’s all done, the entire site will need to be pristine in time for the lab reopening in a week’s time. With new and improved air conditioning, and not a moment too soon!

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