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At Castle & Pryor we’re always excited by new innovations, especially any that could improve our staff safety and project productivity. One in particular caught our eye recently, so needless to say we’ve made it our latest acquisition.


Pretty much every project we undertake involves the removal of debris – a necessary but often labour intensive job. The Twinca Hi Tip Dumper takes the heavy lifting out of this task and allows our team to operate safely and productively, so needless to say we’re proud to add these machines to our extensive fleet.

Why is it so good?

These dumpers move and deposit large quantities (up to 1000kg) of debris, mechanically and safely – without the manhandling issues removal has. With this new bit of kit our teams will be able to set aside the conventional wheel barrow methods, that chewed up much of their time and energy on site and say goodbye to hoisting, ramping or shoveling in to skips, thanks to the Hi Tip’s powerful hydraulic lifts. In addition to this they are also battery powered, so rather than being limited to outdoor sites, these fume-free machines can operate safely indoors, where diesel powered equipment cannot. “How great is that”!

Twinca Hi Tip Dumper helps team to work safely
Twinca Hi Tip Dumper helps team to work safely

How could it help you?

More often than not, removing debris from your project to a skip or designated area is included in our works package therefore costs and logistics have to be allocated to this element of the project.  These Hi Tip Twincas will allow us to do this more efficiently using less man power therefore costs savings generated by increased productivity will benefit the project all round.

These new benefits are not limited to certain types of projects – our new Twinca dumpers can operate in even the most sensitive sites, like shopping centres, hospitals and airport terminals where fumes, noise and vibrations need to be kept to an absolute minimum. Thanks to its self-propelling battery operation the Twinca Hi Tip innovation is certainly a skip in the right direction.

Got a project our team, and Twincas, could help with? We’d love to hear about it. Do get in touch.