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We’ve been over in Oxted, helping make some changes to their local supermarket car park. Our team put their skills to good use, helping make the store’s facilities less of an obstacle course, leaving shoppers with only one worry – did they remember the milk?

What needed doing?

This Morrisons’ multi-storey car park had some particularly nasty concrete islands. They were too wide at the top of the ramp, the structures were providing difficult for cautious shoppers to negotiate, leading to unnecessary delays and even unwanted scuffs to customers’ wheels. These islands needed to be reduced in size to prevent the problems they were causing.

Floor Sawing At Morrisons
Our Diamond Floor Sawing In Action.

How did we do it?

Our first tool of choice was a trusty favourite of ours – the diamond cutting floor saw. Using this we cut the islands before moving in with a robotic breaker and hybrid excavator to commence the breaking up and removal of any excess material.

Why was it tricky?

The people of Oxted still needed their shopping so the store remained open during our works. This meant that we needed to tailor our partial demolition so that it would only deliver minimal impact to shoppers – to do this we implemented a temporary traffic management system, allowing cars to still gain access, by separating the works with solid barriers and sheeting, keeping shoppers safe throughout.

Floor Sawing At Morrisons
Our robotic breaker and hybrid excavator to commence the breaking up and removal of any excess material.

Operating in a functioning environment also meant that all the machinery used for his project needed to be mobile and compact, giving us the safety and flexibility we needed – luckily we have a huge range to choose from so were able to select just the thing. The car park also had existing signage and utilities which couldn’t be removed, so these needed to be worked around. On top of all these restrictions we also had a tight, 8 hour, time frame to complete the modification – but of course out expert team had the job done and dusted in time.

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